Aiphone JOS-1A 7" Monitor & Hands-Free Color Video Intercom Set

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Part Number: JOS-1A

Main Features:

  • The box set includes JO-DA, JO-1MD, and PS-1820UL
  • The JO-DA is a surface mount plastic colour video door station.
  • The JO-1MD is a Video Intercom Master Station.
  • The PS-1820UL is a DC 18V Class II power supply used for Aiphone intercom applications.
  • Video identification and monitoring with a 7″ LCD screen
  • Slim design
  • Electrostatic touch buttons
  • Colour video camera with audio intercom
  • 2-way hands-free voice communication with JO master and expansion unit
  • Call button to initiate a call to master(s)
  • White LED illuminator for low light conditions
  • Simple 2-conductor wiring


  • Communication: Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (simplex)
  • Video Display 7" LCD screen
  • Camera Type: 1/4" CMOS
  • View Area: 2'1" vertical x 3'1" horizontal at 20"
  • Door Release N/O dry contact, 24V AC/DC, 500mA (use RY-18L for larger contact)
  • Wire Type 2-cond., low cap, non-shielded - use Aiphone #871802
  • Distance Door Station to farthest Master Station: 165' (22AWG) 330' (18AWG)


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